///Ride Machete JR 2018

Ride Machete JR 2018


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The RIDE Machete Jr. has a twin rocker profile that’ll float your grom up through clouds of pow and bring them back down for some serious fun linking turns on cord. Reinforced with RIDE’s signature Slimewalls®, this sophisticated, bad boy deck will last from season to season.


The machete Junior is the ideal snowboard for the (adjective about the whining baby that stole your youth) grom who (plural verb) snowboarding the entire mountain. For the super (adjective you would hear a skier use an 80’s movie) twin rocker, the profile of the machete Junior lifts the contact points out of the snow just enough to allow for a catch free ride that is forgiving for (polite plural noun for kids who snowboard poorly) and will help flotation in (body part) deep snow. Whether your child is doing a front blunt (number divisible by 90) – (food item) out of rails or spinning (number divisible by 180) off park jumps while grabbing (favorite salad), the Machete Junior is built for durability with our (synonym for durable) Slimewalls. Basically, the Machete Junior will have your little (favorite cursing word used to describe children) riding so well that (competing board companies team rider) will look like a (mean thing you might have called your mom when you were 14.)

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