///Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 2017

Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 2017

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  • Waist Width mm: 104
  • Length cm: 178, 184, 190
  • Shape mm: 135-104-131
  • Sidecut m: 17.4 (184cm)
  • Stance mm: Eric’s Choice -20 / Recommended -60
  • Weight: Weight: 2,045 g/ski (186)
  • Profile mm: 9-3-9
    (Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)


 Bacon ice cream, Bacon air fresheners, Bacon perfume, EVERYONE loves Bacon but- nobody likes to share, especially with the kids ! So check out these bite  sized Bacons,-  built just for the young rippers. Super affordable but still super shredable. These are just smaller strips of the adult Bacons. Same 5Cut geometry, half the weight, and a Fatty Edge,(we love those edges!).
When jr. can ride on a ski shaped by Eric Pollard- well, some would call him a spoiled brat- not us, we call him super lucky with super cool parents!
For more Tech Talk about these super cool  Jr. Bacons, scroll down to Fattys Facts

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