///Full Tilt Descendant 6 2018

Full Tilt Descendant 6 2018


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Featured Tech:

  • Fit: Wide (102mm)
  • Flex: Med/Hard (6 Flex Tongue)
  • Rigid Boot Board: Provides a firm layer in the bottom of the shell maximizes responsiveness & sensitivity to the snow.
  • Rubber Toe & Heel: Natural rubber soles on the toe & heel for non-slip walking & hiking that can even be replaced if they wear out.
  • Aluminum Ladder Buckles: Durable, lightweight aluminum. Macro ladder for quick & easy memory reference and a micro twist for fine adjustment tuning.
  • FTE Evolution 3 Piece Shell: A quantum leap in ski boot design – the FTE is a new shell born from the original 3-piece DNA by constructed for those with a wider footprint.
  • Ribbed Tongue: 100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang!
  • Forward Lean: Tool-less forward angle adjustment. 4mm or 8mm
  • Infinite Pivot: Unlike traditional designs, the rear cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain and more control.
  • Cables: Cable closure works like a shoelace to eliminate dead spots for a smooth even pressure flex & fit
  • Light Weight: Minimalistic 3-Piece design eliminates the need for thick heavy overlapping plastic or bolts for increased quickness & sensitivity, up to 2 lbs / 900g lighter than some alpine boots.


  • Intuition Liner: All adult boot liners are built using authentic Intuition® closed cell foam. It is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shells during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes for a light, warm and super comfortable fit.
  • Wide Toe: For people with wider feet or prefer a little more wiggle room in the toe area, a thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control.
  • J-Bar: An additional J-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control.
  • Instant Mold: Full Tilt Quick-Fit™ liners use authentic Intuition® foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes.
  • Foam Laminates: The Performer Liner’s laminates are specifically engineered to be our thinnest liner for reduced weight & increased maneuverability, while maintaining its warmth & a custom moldable fit.
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The Full Tilt Descendant 6 is all about that high performance package, in a wider foot profile. For those who just can’t slam into a 99mm last and ski all day comfortably, the Descendant 6 is for you. Featuring the roomier Evolution shell, engineered specifically for those with wider feet, this all-mountain ski boot is strapped together with a reliable Aluminum Ladder Buckle system. Full Tilts Performance Liner is the lightest weight liner Full Tilt produces all while maintaining warmth and custom moldable fit thanks to strategically placed Foam Laminates. Unlock that familiar, go-everywhere feel with the Descendant 6’s free-flexing cuff and Flex 6 Tongue this season and let er rip!


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