///Full Tilt Descendant 4 2018

Full Tilt Descendant 4 2018


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Featured Tech:

  • Fit: Wide (102mm)
  • Flex: Soft (4 Flex Tongue)
  • Rigid Boot Board: Provides a firm layer in the bottom of the shell maximizes responsiveness & sensitivity to the snow.
  • Rubber Toe & Heel: Natural rubber soles on the toe & heel for non-slip walking & hiking that can even be replaced if they wear out.
  • Aluminum Ladder Buckles: Durable, lightweight aluminum. Macro ladder for quick & easy memory reference and a micro twist for fine adjustment tuning.
  • FTE Evolution 3 Piece Shell: A quantum leap in ski boot design – the FTE is a new shell born from the original 3-piece DNA by constructed for those with a wider footprint.
  • Ribbed Tongue: 100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang!
  • Forward Lean: Tool-less forward angle adjustment. 4mm or 8mm
  • Infinite Pivot: Unlike traditional designs, the rear cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain and more control.
  • Cables: Cable closure works like a shoelace to eliminate dead spots for a smooth even pressure flex & fit
  • Light Weight: Minimalistic 3-Piece design eliminates the need for thick heavy overlapping plastic or bolts for increased quickness & sensitivity, up to 2 lbs / 900g lighter than some alpine boots.


  • Intuition Liner: All adult boot liners are built using authentic Intuition® closed cell foam. It is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shells during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes for a light, warm and super comfortable fit.
  • Wide Toe: For people with wider feet or prefer a little more wiggle room in the toe area, a thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control.
  • J-Bar: An additional J-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control.
  • Instant Mold: Full Tilt Quick-Fit™ liners use authentic Intuition® foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes.
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Equally at home in the park, pipe, or ripping up and down the mountain, the Descendant 4 is a flagship boot from FT. Geared for the lighter weight, skill agressive kid who averages 50+ days a year, this boot will only get comfier as you wear it it in thanks to the Intuition Liner and Evolution Shell combo. Matched with a 102mm last that is geared for a slightly wider foot and a freshly upgraded buckle system, this boot is HOT for 2018.


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