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308, 2017

Nordica: Shedding Light on Customizing Ski Boots

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Since its 2004 introduction, Nordica has sold over 1 million pairs of its vaunted SpeedMachine boots. Combining top tier performance with all-day comfort, the SpeedMachine has since become the ‘go to’ boot for expert and advancing skiers who demand everything from their gear.

This year, the SpeedMachine is back, only Nordica has made it lighter, comfier and, ultimately, better than ever.


2906, 2017

Line Skis – More Funner!

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From The Beginning

Line has been with us for pretty much the whole ride. Started around ’95 Line Skis was a true pioneer for freestyle skiing. Some people thought Jason was crazy for making a ski with an upturned tail… Now look, they all have them. Being the core brand that they are, we have kept Line as one of our flagship, showcase brands throughout time because they have been through the ringer just like us. Read more for ski construction and technology!


1406, 2017

Jones -An Ethical Snowboard Company

June 14th, 2017|Categories: Product Review|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Jones -An Ethical Snowboard Company

Jones Snowboards is committed to being an outdoor industry leader in the fight against climate change. Building snowboards will always have an environmental footprint so they strive to minimize this footprint whenever possible by developing new eco-tech and supporting organizations that fight against climate change on the front lines. Jones takes these efforts seriously because they care about how their actions will affect the environment for future generations.


2504, 2017

Mt. Baker

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Fattys took a trip to the PNW to visit some old friends and explore new territory. The first week of March at Mt. Baker brought us 10ft of light, fluffy snow in 8 days. We were swimming. This video was filmed by Jesse as the crew explored Swift Creek, a day in the backcountry with Patrick, JJ, Brigid, and Chris. Oh yeah can’t forget Bruce & Peter!